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USA Lincoln One Cent 1964 Coin, PCGS MS 64BN

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USA Lincoln One Cent 1964 Coin, PCGS  MS 64BN

Weight 3.11g  Copper PCGS MS 64BN  2888.64/41452572

Discover a piece of American history with our 1964 USA Lincoln One Cent Coin, professionally graded by PCGS as MS 64BN (Mint State 64, Brown). This iconic coin showcases the enduring image of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse and features the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse. From the year 1964, it carries the legacy of Lincoln's legacy. Graded MS 64BN, this coin gleams with its original luster and boasts its rich brown patina. Elevate your collection with this exceptional coin, where history and numismatic expertise converge.