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About us

The owner was a collector from 1982 till this day! It has been almost 40 years of pursuing this passion and turning it into a career. For 2 of those years, he has been gathering information about every single coin he owns, while taking care of them and looking for more! And all of this was for you to be able to see the collection in our store and be able to have a piece of this valuable collection. He was travelling around the world, collecting coins and connecting with other fans of numismatic.

From early morning to late night, he is uploading more and more coins to the website. He says, ‘It is not a job for me, it is my passion. I can sit all day and gather all possible information for the coin I own. It doesn't matter if it's Monday, Friday or.. even Sunday. I find a way to take time and take care of this company every single day.’

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