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South Africa, 1976 - 20; 1983 -5 Cents KM# 95, KM# 84 UNC Coins

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South Africa, 1976 - 20; 1983 -5 Cents KM# 95, KM# 84  UNC Coins

Weight 6g; 2.5g  Nickel.

Explore the vibrant history of South African coinage with our exquisite duo of UNC coins. The 1976 20 Cents (KM# 95) and 1983 5 Cents (KM# 84) stand as gleaming testaments to their respective eras. Crafted with precision, these coins boast uncirculated quality, preserving their original allure. The obverses showcase intricate designs that capture the essence of their times, while the reverses bear the denominations, reflecting South Africa's numismatic heritage. Elevate your collection with this pair, each coin echoing its unique story and the rich cultural fabric of South Africa.