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Austria, 1000 JAHRE OSTARRICHI/ ANNO 996, 5 EURO / 1996 MEDAL X# 38

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Austria, 1000 Jahre Ostarrichi/Anno 996, 5 Euro / 1996 Medal  X# 38

Weight 23.51g. Copper- nickel.

Embark on a journey through Austrian heritage with our remarkable 1996 5 Euro Medal commemorating 1000 Jahre Osterreichi / Anno 996. Crafted with meticulous detail, this medal pays tribute to Austria's historical legacy. The obverse captures the essence of the era, while the reverse bears the denomination and a design symbolizing the passage of time. From the year 1996, this medal stands as a testament to Austria's rich history and cultural importance. Elevate your collection with this exquisite piece, a fusion of numismatic artistry and historical significance.