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1949R ITALY 5L MS 61 (Certification: 5775768-0090NGC) Coin

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1949R  ITALY MS 61  (Certification: 5775768-0090NGC)

Weight 2.5 gr. Aluminium Coin.

Indulge in the elegance of Italian numismatics with our 1949R Italy Aluminium Coin. Weighing 2.5 grams, this exquisite piece is meticulously graded as MS 61 by NGC, ensuring its exceptional quality. Crafted from lightweight aluminium, the coin's obverse showcases intricate artistry that's characteristic of its time, while the reverse features designs that offer a glimpse into Italy's rich heritage. With its exceptional grade and historical charm, this coin is a testament to Italy's cultural legacy. Elevate your collection with this finely preserved treasure and relish the allure of Italian craftsmanship