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Coins, Bosnia & Herzegovina Set: 5 KM- 2005; 2, 1- KM- 2000, Feninga 50,20-2000,10,5 Feninga

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Coins, Bosnia & Herzegovina Set: 5 KM- 2005; 2, 1-  KM- 2000, Feninga 50,20-2000,Feninga 10- 2007; Feninga 5- 2005,   Weight 38.50g UNC

Dive into the rich cultural tapestry of Bosnia & Herzegovina with our meticulously curated coin set. This collection includes a variety of denominations, each carrying a piece of the nation's heritage. From the 5 KM coin of 2005 to the 2, 1 KM coins of 2000, and the Feninga denominations of 50, 20, 10, and 5 from the year 2000, this set showcases the country's evolving numismatic landscape. With designs that reflect the nation's emblems and heritage, each coin narrates a different chapter of Bosnia & Herzegovina's history. Elevate your collection with this thoughtfully assembled coin set, where numismatic artistry meets the story of a nation.