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Bangladesh, 5 Taka 1996, Peoples Republic (1995-2010) Coin, Steel, UNC

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Bangladesh, 5 Taka 1996, Peoples Republic (1995-2010) Coin, Steel

Weight 8.17g,  Stainless Steel, KM# 18.2 AU

Discover the numismatic heritage of Bangladesh with our pristine 1996 5 Taka Coin. Crafted in durable steel, this coin proudly represents the People's Republic era (1995-2010). In uncirculated condition, it gleams with its original brilliance. The obverse showcases symbolic designs, while the reverse features the denomination. As a tangible piece of Bangladesh's history, this coin holds cultural and historical significance. Elevate your collection with this remarkable piece, capturing the essence of Bangladesh's journey in numismatic artistry.