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AH 1370(1951) MOROCCO 5F MS 64 5775768-001 Coin

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AH 1370 (1951) MOROCCO 5F MS 64  5775768-001

Aluminium Coin.

Step into the vibrant history of Morocco with our AH 1370 (1951) 5 Francs (5F) coin, professionally graded as MS 64, bearing the certification number 5775768-001. This coin represents a pivotal moment in Moroccan numismatic history. Minted in high-quality condition, it showcases intricate detailing on the obverse and features a distinguished design on the reverse. With its MS 64 grade, it gleams with its original brilliance, embodying numismatic excellence. Elevate your collection with this exceptional coin, where history meets the artistry of Moroccan coinage.